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10.04.2007 13:44 - Disclosure on Human Rights Violations of the Macedonian Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia
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On January 13, 2007, a violation of basic human rights occurred in Skopie, Republic of Macedonia, when an organized band of 30-40 hooligans brutally attacked a group of Macedonian Bulgarians (a number of whom are EU citizens) who had gathered in the Church of St. Dimitria for the annual commemoration of Macedonian Bulgarian heroine from Tetovo, Mara Buneva.


Mara Buneva, dubbed “the Macedonian Charlotte Corde” by the European press in 1928, is a well-known historical figure among eminent Balkan scholars and others familiar with the “eternal” Macedonian question. 20th century journalists and pundits alike were both touched by Mara Buneva’s heroism and appalled by the unjust political situation in Macedonia and the suffering of its ethnic Bulgarian people under the oppressive Serbian regime between 1919 and 1941.

European and American newspapers of the time informed the world about the Serbian policy, which was guided by murder, denationalization and the cultural-linguistic assimilation of the Bulgarians of Macedonia. Any attempt on the part of the Macedonian Bulgarians to organize in a legal way or on a political or cultural basis was strictly forbidden. International diplomats and journalists brought particular awareness to the “Students’ Affair” of 1927, when many Macedonian Bulgarian students and their families became victims of unseen police terror and illegal judicial trials solely on account of their Bulgarian ethnic background and patriotism.


Overwhelmed by the brutal treatment and torture of these students, Mara Buneva shot and killed Velimir Prelich, the leading official of the Serbian assimilationist administration in Skopie directly responsible for these crimes. Mara Buneva then shot herself, joining the martyr destiny not only of the tortured students, but also of all Macedonian Bulgarians from the Skopie region who were tortured by the Serbs.

Why are Mara Buneva’s name and heroic acts still honored and commemorated to this day? The answer lies in the following facts. After her death, the Serbian police in Macedonia buried her body in an unknown place, without any markings, which demonstrates its continuous aggression and total lack of morality. After the Second World War, in the same immoral and hostile spirit, the pro-Serbian communist government destroyed the memorial plaque that had been erected by the Macedonian Bulgarians after the fall of the kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941. The plaque was erected at the place where Mara Buneva committed her act of heroism in the name of freedom for her brothers and sisters living under conditions of slavery in Serb occupied Macedonia. Even today, Mara Buneva’s descendants and all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia do not know where she is buried.


Unfortunately, Serbian chauvinistic propaganda from Belgrade has highly influenced and complicated the political reality in the Balkans, and subsists even to this day. This influence is felt in the monitoring and control of all facets of Macedonian life by the old Serb machinery. We believe that on January 13, 2007, the unjust political system in the Republic of Macedonia was the reason for the brutal obstruction of the Macedonian Bulgarians from exercising their basic human rights. Those who were directly involved as attackers – a group of young men – are also victims of the same system, victims of the historical falsifications dictated in all Macedonian schools by the previous totalitarian regime and continued today, where every notion of the “Macedonian Bulgarian” or “Bulgarian from Macedonia” has been stricken from the historical record.


The incident that happened on January 13, 2007 is an egregious affront on a united Europe, as the injured parties are EU citizens. The political system in the Republic of Macedonia created an atmosphere of fear and distrust in its institutions for all its citizens – especially the increasing number of European citizens of Bulgarian ethnicity that live in this country. This is illustrated by the fact that a significant number of those who were hurt did not report what happened to the police, for fear of reprisals.

It is well known that the citizens from the Republic of Macedonia who demonstrate their Bulgarian ethnic background and awareness lose their jobs or potential for future job opportunities. A similar policy has been employed in Serbia – and even in Macedonia – against the Albanians. We have all seen the results of these policies.


We view the incident that took place on January 13, 2007 as the paradigm of an active anti-Bulgarian campaign led by the media in the Republic of Macedonia. Instead of commenting on the Macedonian Bulgarian revival in a calm and rational way as a step forward toward NATO and the EU membership, the Republic of Macedonia’s media uses every possible chance to insult and offend the Bulgarian name and identity. Case in point: the day before the Mara Buneva incident, a prominent TV talk show host in Skopie called for the organized lynching of all Macedonian Bulgarians who attend the annual commemoration for Mara Buneva. The Macedonian Ministry of Internal Affairs – or any other authority for that matter – has yet to react to this open public call for violence and vulgar act of spreading hatred on an ethnic basis!

The views of the Republic of Macedonia’s media are a reflection of the politics of the region. This media is directly influenced and controlled by the north-south power axis that feels threatened by the future independence of Kosovo. Greece and Serbia have long wanted to divide up the Republic of Macedonia and be on a common border. In this atmosphere, the old structures of the Milosevic regime play a great part. These Serb political-economic machinations on Macedonian soil are backed by today’s banking and judicial system in the Republic of Macedonia and have the role of a screen behind which the Macedonian political elites – either from the government or the opposition – have been financed.


The nervousness of Serbia about the Bulgarian EU membership is evident. It is also clear that Serbia cannot come to terms with the prospect of losing control over the Republic of Macedonia after the inevitable independence of Kosovo (and especially after the growing demands for improvement of human rights by the Hungarians in Voivodina and the Bulgarians from the regions around Bosilegrad and Dimitrovgrad). All parts of divided Macedonia began their quest for true freedom at the Paris Peace Treaty in 1919 and the struggle continues to the present day.


Economic conditions are not the most important factors for Macedonia to become a member of NATO and the EU. The most important conditions that the Republic of Macedonia must satisfy before it becomes a member of NATO and EU are:

  1. To guarantee basic human rights for all of its ethnic communities; and
  2. To build strong relations with its neighboring countries based on confidence and mutual respect


The falsification of history in the Republic of Macedonia is blatant and is the direct cause of tensions and continued human rights violations there. For example, the Republic of Macedonia claims that Mara Buneva was an ethnic “Macedonian” of the false Serb created new ethnicity forcibly imposed on the country in 1944. In fact, she was a Macedonian of Bulgarian ethnicity – a Macedonian Bulgarian. Her sister and life long MPO member, Presvitera Vera Buneva Nicoloff, currently living in Detroit, Michigan can attest to this fact.

The continuation of Macedonia’s policy of stealing parts of foreign national histories - in this case, Mara Buneva from the Macedonian Bulgarians, Alexander the Great from the Greeks and Skenderbeg from the Albanians – and promoting the symbioses of these parts as their own history, does not lead to NATO and EU, but back to the artificial creation of Yugoslavia.


Supporting the democratic and true independence of the Republic of Macedonia, with a sincere wish to help our native and ancestral homeland onto its way to NATO and EU, and with a goal to eliminating all future incidents which deny human rights to its citizens similar to the Mara Buneva Incident of January 13, 2007 in Skopie, we the Macedonian Patriotic Organization of the USA and Canada, the oldest Macedonian organization in the world incorporated in 1921, fully support our oppressed brothers and sisters in the Republic of Macedonia and present the following recommendations to all international bodies involved in the proliferation of basic human rights throughout the world:


  1. Guaranteeing the freedom and human rights of all Macedonian Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as all other Macedonian ethnic groups.
  2. Guaranteeing the preservation of the Macedonian Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia
  3. Guaranteeing the creation of conditions for freedom of education and learning that would remove the totalitarian falsifications in the history, literature and textbooks, that continue to spread delusions and accentuate ethnic tensions among Macedonian citizens, in the Republic of Macedonia
  4. Supporting fines and sanctions against the media in the Republic of Macedonia that promote national and religious hatred of any kind.




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