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24.02.2008 19:19 - Pismo za blagodarnost
Автор: bugarash Категория: Други   
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Dear Mr. Lebamoff,
Two days ago, the Appellate Court in Skopie finally made the right decision. Although it was overdue, it gave me the opportunity to defend myself while I am out of custody and to prepare my defense. This decision annulled all previous decisions, that proved that some citizens in Macedonia don"t have equal treatment before the law.
The five months spent in prison were long, but I was always kept informed about everything that MPO did to acquaint the relevant international institutions about this process, as well as the pressure over the Macedonian government. I am sincerely thankful for your help.
This police setup was prepared 3 days after my return from the MPO Convention, for which there is an official police document. I am convinced that the reason for the arrest is the fact that I consider myself a Macedonian Bulgarian. The proof for this is not only the police treatment against me at gun point with handcuffs in "Koktel bar", but also the accusations of the police that I worked for the Albanian cause, that continued in the police premises after the arrest happened. But the contacts with the police didn"t end here. On October 5, 2007, I was visited in my cell by an agent from the state agency for security and counter-intelligence who wanted me to give him information if I had informed the Bulgarian Embassy about this process and what was the reason for my travel to the USA.
I officially demanded with a written request to the Director of the Investigation Prison, to tell me who this person who visited me was and what was his authorization to do that. I still haven"t received an answer.
A few words for the presumption of innocence in this process. From the very beginning of the arrest, we were presented as greatest criminals. The videos and pictures that were taken with a police camera, were distributed to the media, and
especially to all the televisions. Not to mention that long before the trial, we were "sentenced" by the Prime Minister with one statement given for the national television. The same was done by the media controlled by certain parties, when they published my pictures with the only goal to discredit my name and all my beliefs.
The court didn"t present any evidence out of the police fabrication and gave complete faith to a man who is a proven criminal. From people who contacted the judge, we found out she told that she was pressured into acting like this.
No matter what happened, we firmly stand behind the idea to open an MPO chapter in Skopie. We won"t allow the makedonisti to blacken and discredit the name of MPO and we ask you to support us.
Thanks for everything.
Sincere regards, Miroslav



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